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Metal book-shaped parts

Metal book-shaped parts

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2.3 cm x 2.1 cm

It is a steel book part with the image of the Virgin and Child drawn on the cover.
It can be opened and closed to put small items inside.
It is slightly rusted, so please take care of it before use.
Since it is an old one, there is a habit of opening and closing the metal fittings.

Please check the photos as there may be discoloration over time, stains appropriate for the age, and damage.
We only remove dust here, so please take care of it with your preferred method after purchase.
Selected at a flea market in France.

Please check the photos of each item as discoloration, age-appropriate stains and damage may remain.The items still have history and dust, so please take care of them to your liking after purchase. These items were selected at a flea market in France.

The color may look different depending on the display you are viewing.

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