I want to display product prices in the online store in my local currency.
➔You can change the currency in the screen.

The prices displayed in the online store are different from the previous day.
➔Items are priced in EUR/€, so the displayed price in JPY will be adjusted according to the foreign currency rate.

What are “For Sale Soon” products?
➔Items that are “Available Soon” are previewed during the time it takes for the item to arrive at our Japanese distribution center from the flea market in France.

Some items do not show their prices.
➔Items that are not available for purchase (preview items before the sale starts or Sold Out items) will not have their prices displayed.

Can I cancel or return my purchase?
➔We are sorry, but we do not accept cancellations or returns after the purchase process has been completed. Please check your order carefully before purchasing.

I have not received a confirmation email after the purchase procedure.
➔Please make sure that our emails are not classified as spam. If you are not allowed to receive e-mails, you may not be able to continue with the transaction.

Do you offer wholesale services?
➔We are planning to offer a discount service for bulk purchases.

I would like a receipt.
➔If you need a receipt, please write it in the contact section of your order. We will attach it to your email and give it to you in PDF format.

Where will my order be shipped from?
➔Items will be shipped from our distribution center in Japan (with some exceptions).

Are there any customs charges?
➔No customs duty will be charged on items shipped within Japan. For items shipped directly from France, customs duties and Japanese consumption tax may be charged at the discretion of the customs office.

Do you ship internationally?
➔We currently ship to Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong.

Are shipping fees required?
➔Delivery within Japan is free. You can choose “Yuh-Pack” as a paid option. In this case, we will calculate the shipping costs according to the address of the recipient. For items shipped directly from France, a shipping fee based on weight is required, so please check the payment page.

➔ Shipping to Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong requires a shipping fee in addition to the product price. For items shipped directly from France, shipping charges will be calculated based on weight. Please check on the payment page.

Can I request a specific date and time to receive my package?
➔You can request a specific date and time for receiving your package only if you select the “Yu-Pack” option for domestic delivery in Japan.For international shipments, you cannot request a delivery date and time.

My package did not arrive, or it arrived damaged.
➔You can track the delivery status of all packages.
If you choose the paid option “Yu-Pack”, you can apply for compensation for lost or damaged parcels to Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong.